Michael & Brenda


Here are some of the Zulu Baskets I spoke to Michael About.  Please note these are LANDED COSTS - Retail would be approx 35% more.  So these are same as show cost (our cost of basket, plus shipping)

Laurentia set - $1869  Laurentia (a set!!! water jug and food container, 3rd time she did this as a request from us)  This is the LARGE SET  this is about 7 months work for her.  She has only made a total of SIX of the round tub baskets (of which I believe you have one!)

Bongikile 36x82 - $2289

Bongikile Buthelezi (we were finally was able to get hold of one of her pieces. She has been exclusive with Kim Sacks gallery in Johannesberg for past couple of years and makes stunning baskets)  New waver you've not seen before.  Josh has one of her smaller baskets.  Bongikile won the award in 2001 and this is the only one that I have got from her since 2004/5 when she signed contract to sell exclusively to the up end gallery in Johannesburg.

Angelina  14x54 - $1969  Angelina is a niece to Beauty and Laurentia. Angelina won the 2008 South African artist of the year award. She came to Santa Fe this year instead of her niece . Angelina has been awarded a commission with the U.S. Embassy to make 500 assorted size baskets to decorate the Embassy and consulates in South Africa. So there will not be any baskets from her for the next 4 years.  We bought this basket in 2008 but just got it this year. 

Thuleleni 20x74 - $1108

Thuleleni Mhlongo (so glad that she survived her bout with pneumonia, she looked so frail when we last visited her, but she recovered and finished the baskets)  These two baskets took her 15 months of work - but almost 3 years of time as she was very ill. 

Theleleni 18x84 - $1259

Vina         25x75 - $1429  Vina Ndwandwe - she finally after 2 long years produced to baskets similar to the ones that is in the South African museum, and the one that won her the award. We hope to sponsor Vina to Santa Fe 2012. We are sponsoring Beauty for 2011.  

This basket is similar to the one that Vina entered in the national contest in which she won in 1999. That basket is in the collection of an African American collector living in Sedona. that we sold to him back in 2000. That was the good old days when the exchange rate was 11.5 to 1 and I sold the basket to him for $869. This year the exchange rate (not interbank) is averaging 6.5 to 1.


Vina         22x69 - have to check - close to above price

Vina black basket is very similar to the one that is currently in the museum of South Africa collection. I have a picture standing next to it.  The museum one is twice the size of this one. But it took me 2 years to convince Vina to make one like it for me. 

Joyce       45x69 - $2499   Joyce Mdletshe - a monumental wedding pattern basket  there are only TWO weavers alive, including Joyse who can do a basket of this size.  Her mother made the largest basket ever made (Zulu) but passed away of HIV/AIDS. Joyce is also HIV+ and this may be her last large basket.  FINE FINE FINE WORK!!!  We don't commission baskets of this size anymore.. but she wanted to try.  This took her 8 months (FAST!!!)


I have a few more baskets to show you, including by Thembelihle Xaba (she lives in Durban but managed to produce one large basket).  We also have some stunning baskets by Veronica Mhlongo - Joyce's sister - I'll have pics in a few days... 





AAA507-14x54: $1769- Angelina Masuku (museum)

AAA504-28x50: $1419 - Joyce Mdletshe (museum)

AAA503-20x40: $629

AAA502-31x42: $1689 - Veronica Mhlongo (museum)

AAA471-17x42: $509

AAA470-16x48: $599

AAA466- 31x54-$1955-Bongikeli

Bottom view of AAA465

SIDE VIEW OF AAA465-12x42-$1579- Laurentia Dlamini

AA809-15x35: $189

AA807-17x36: $339

AA801-19x31: $359


1009-17x54 : $539


Spongile 1: $189

Spongile 1: $229

Spongile 1: $229

AA800-11x39: $

1004-9x31: $228 - SCOTTS FAV

1003-10x32: $199

The below baskets have been DISCOUNTED 35% (thus the prices are NET)  (essentially we paid the artisans LESS than what we're selling them for... but we've had them for over 5 years and want to make room for other baskets...  so screaming deals)  These are baskets Zanzibar owns outright and we've shown at shows prior...


AAA254-30x64: $959 includes custom powder coated black steel stand


AAA197-28x68: $834 includes custom powder coated black steel stand - possibly sold - Sean says he wants it... let me know if you're interpreted in it.. he might change his mind

AAA190-14x50: $271

AAA161-17x56: $337

AAA160-24x62: $951 includes custom powder coated black steel stand - possible sold - Sean has asked me to hold.. although he might change his mind.. let me know ASAP if you're interested

AAA107-27x53: $354

AAA051-20x54: $277