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Zanzibar Tribal Art is a Fair Trade Store.

A little about us: (for dozens of other articles, visit our retail website here:  More about Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a FAIR TRADE store.  No factory produced pieces, no child labor and we're 100% sweat-shop FREE!  For more on what fair trade is, view our mission statement.

Zanzibar trading company is very much a partnership between owners Scott Farrell, a world traveler and collector who founded the company in 1999 and Josh Varner who joined the company in 2000.  Ours is a small, family owned company.  We sell items from hundreds of artisans that produce the fairly traded items we sell from over 100 countries (104 at last count) and 150 plus tribes and ethnic groups. 

Our gallery is in midtown Sacramento, California, U.S.A.  The gallery is a mixture of handicrafts, jewelry , contemporary works of art and true ethnographic pieces from around the world.

How to contact us: Zanzibar Trading Co World Imports, 1731 L Street (Corner of 18th and L Streets in Midtown) Sacramento CA 95811  Phone/fax: (916) 443-5601 or (916) 443-205  e-mail us at: zanzibartrading @ yahoo dot com (we have to write it that way to TRY and prevent spammers from automatically finding our email...ugh!)  As of July, 2011 we NO LONGER offer an 800#.  With everyone having unlimited long distance of their cell phones, most of the calls we received (at a cost of about $1.50 each) were wrong numbers.  The savings of $200 plus a month will help us keep costs down! 

We are primarily a RETAIL STORE/GALLERY, however se do sell our items retail on our website ( www.zanzibar-trading.com )    Our primary offerings are fairly traded import handicrafts as well as museum and collector quality artifacts from over 100 different countries. We've recently opened a retail gallery in midtown Sacramento. 

Who started Zanzibar Trading Company and why? Owner Scott Farrell says "I've been a collector of tribal & ethnographic art and artifacts for over 20 years. As a frequent traveler, and a Peace Corps volunteer, my collection started with a few eclectic items and now has grown to a sizeable collection (some would say obsession!)  As with most serious collectors, I occasionally acquired lots of items including some items not to my tastes. Also in my travels I met many artisans who ultimately became friends.

In wanting to help these people find buyers for their carvings and other handicrafts, I started selling items to friends. To facilitate selling more of these items I started selling on eBay.  As several opportunities arose to acquire or assist in liquidating large private collections, and friends and native people that I met abroad needed help in finding buyers for their handicrafts, I turned my interest into a business venture: Zanzibar Trading Company.

I also hope this website to be a complimentary addition to the many fine websites that already exist providing information for beginner and experienced collectors alike. For many collectors, finding quality information on ethnographic items is not an easy task. I hope this website will educate you as well as provide you a source for quality collectibles. We certainly welcome submissions of relevant articles.

My travels vary, however it is not uncommon for me to be traveling from between 150 - 270 days per year! My trips and collecting takes me all over the world: From Canada to Papua New Guinea, Eastern Europe and Africa, Central and South America... wherever I can find quality fairly traded items!   In 2000, I was on the road (mostly out of the country) for 312 days (that was 44 separate trips)!

You can purchase from Zanzibar Trading Company with confidence - Scott and Josh personally guarantee your complete satisfaction. We take pride not only in the products that we offer, but also in our support of indigenous cultures, wildlife and the environment. We are committed to assisting people in developing countries through Fair Trade and selling of sustainable products. We commit a minimum of 2% of our gross sales to a variety of wildlife and environmental non-profit organizations, including The Nature Conservancy, The Charles Darwin Foundation, and others. We currently sponsor MANY school age children in poorer countries by providing school uniforms, tuitions and basic needs. We also work with a variety of co-ops for the betterment of their communities. We believe in giving back, and over 25% of the items we sell a significant portion and in some cases 100% of the proceeds go back to the artisans and or cooperatives. We attempt to recycle as much packing materials as possible.


Scott Farrell &

Josh Varner

Zanzibar Trading Co.



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