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Baltic Amber Jewelry

Zanzibar offers Sacramento's (and northern California's) largest selection of fairly traded Baltic Amber Jewelry from Poland and Lithuania and the Ukraine.  Hundreds of earrings, pendants, necklaces, pins and bracelets to tempt you.

We work with individual artisans as well as several small family owned workshops in Gdansk, Poland and Lithuania to bring you the highest quality, natural Baltic Amber Jewelry.  We do not sell Russian amber, or contemporary resins, copals or gums nor altered (recombined, pressed amber) or fake resin or plastic - just the REAL stuff!


We feature amber jewelry pieces in honey, lemon, cognac, green, champagne, butterscotch, milk and dozens of other colors.  Did you know that amber actually comes in over 250 named colors?  256 to be exact!

We offer pieces from under $10 to over $1500 with everything in between!


A tiny sampling of our our inventory

(out of hundreds of pieces):

Amber Pendant Midtown Sacramento Jewelry


Sacramento Baltic Amber Necklace by Marius Glavinski, president of the Polish Amber Association



Sacramento Amber Bracelets in sterling silver



Sacramento Amber Earrings


butterscoth Amber pendant and earrings

Amber pendants with insects inside    


amber pins, amber brooches at our Sacramento gallery

sacramento amber bead necklace




amber bead necklaces and bracelets

Visit our retail gallery for our current selection

above pieces subject to prior sale


Amber and Copal with Insects:


Some of our amber artisans:




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