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Buddha Panels from Thailand

hand carved vintage teak wood or natural raintree and reclaimed mango wood

Please note:  only 3 panel pieces are available - single panels no longer available due to changes in Thai rules


WE CARRY OVER A DOZEN SIZES - from 5x7" to over 8 feet tall - visit our gallery for best selection OR CALL US TO SEE WHAT ARE CURRENT INVENTORY IS

This one we've displayed with the three panels separated - but they can be hung together! 

Natural wood or covered in REAL gold leaf and carved from three large planks of vintage teak and or rain tree wood (recovered from old houses/buildings that are being torn down - wood that is tight grained and up to 200 years old!, these magnificent face plaques of Buddha's face is carved in relief and finished in real gold leaf sheets.

A peaceful smile plays about Buddha's lips in this lovely image. With his peaceful gaze and tightly curled hair, the Enlightened One is both wise and youthful.  Masterfully sculpted in low relief, the wood panel is gilded with real gold leaf sheets.

You MUST see these in person - they are absolutely amazing and would easily dominate any room, sanctuary or shrine. The gold glows with the faintest light - even a candles'.

Each piece is individually carved and gold leafed and thus slight variations from one to another is consistent with its hand made nature. Available in many sizes! 

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist nation, filled with breathtaking ancient temples, pagodas and other architectural wonders constructed to worship the Buddha. In Thailand images of the Buddha play an important role beyond mere decoration. They are traditionally placed within the home in special locations, such as shrines or pedestals, to help facilitate everyday religious worship.

Contact our gallery or visit our online store for more details and prices on our Gold Leaf Buddha Face Panels