For many generations the creation of "trees of life" began in Iz˙car de Matamoros, destined as traditional wedding gifts. Expanding from the original theme of Adam and Eve, they began develop themes around regional concepts and general topics, religious and otherwise such as the Nativity, the Creation and the Day of the Dead. The variety and coloring of the works distinguish them from the other center of production of trees of life in Metepec.   One Family stands out in their production, the Castillo family.

Alfonso Castillo has devoted his craft to trees of life, decorated skulls covered in bugs and insects, moths and butterflies as well as figures and other dioramas with more than thirty years of production, with marvelous perfection not only in the fabrication but in the brushwork of the decoration. Elaborating his own paints from natural materials, from indigo (for blue), brazil wood (for reds), muicle plant (for violets) and cochineal (for various tones) for their spectacular appearance.   He is a published artisan in "Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art"

We offer a selection of items made by Alfonso Castillo Ortiz and his wife.  Contact us for current inventory. 

4.5x5.5x5.5" Skull covered in grubs and insects by Alfonso Castillo Ortiz $485.00 - Available


Artisan Saul Montesinos has a style very similar to his cousin

Skull with butterflies and insects, 6x7x6" $300 - Available