Original Jewelry by Israeli Artisans from Kibbutz Beit-Nir

The work of two very talented Israeli jewelers working in their studio in Kibbutz Beit-Nir, in the Judean hills of the northern Negev Desert, these pieces are inspired by the beautiful surrounding countryside and by Israeli history and culture.


Ziva Goren was born in Israel and studied art, crafts and interior design at the Bezalel School of Arts in Jerusalem. Known for her traditional jewelry, she is considered one of Israelís foremost jewelry artisans and designers. She designs our Roman glass jewelry and works with inlaid mother of pearl, pearls and precious stones.

Sarah Salomon was born in Israel and studied art, sculpture, painting and jewelry design for 3 years in Memad, one of the finest art institutes in Israel. Many years of dedication and hard work to overcome a hearing and speech disability has allowed her to develop a unique visual perception and to create products of unusual beauty. She creates our more modern jewelry pieces.  She has three children.  

Sarah Salomon

Both artisans live in Kibbutz Beit-Nir with their husbands and children. Jewelry is fairly traded. Each artisan creates unique, hand crafted jewelry (individual cut out pieces versus mass stamped or molded components) and works in sterling silver (.925) and on occasion gold and precious stones (garnet, pearl, turquoise) as well as fragments of ancient Roman glass.

The Roman glass was uncovered at an archaeological excavation in the Holy Land. The "patina" (the excuisite surface coloring of the glass) was created by a chemical reaction with the mineral rich soil over the course of 2,000 years. Note: To preserve the patina on pieces with Roman glass, ensure that the jewelry doesnít come into contact with water. To clean all jewelry, use a soft silver cleaning cloth.


Beit Nir (Hebrew: בֵּית נִיר‎, lit. House of Nir) is a kibbutz near Lakhish in Israel. It is under the jurisdiction of Yoav Regional Council and is a member of the Kibbutz Movement. It has about 115 members.

Beit Nir was constructed in August 1957 by a nucleus of settlers from Hashomer Hatzair, in land that was a pasture for cattle ranchers at that time. The name "Beit Nir" is a translation of the name of Dr. Bundheimer, a leader of Zionism in Germany.

The economy of the kibbutz depends on agriculture, manufacture of soft drinks, and jewelry.  The kibbutz merged with Gat to form the corporate entity "Ganir", which manufactures juices for export and sale in Israel. In Israel the juices are sold under the brand name Primor (פרימור).

Vegetables such as wheat, watermelons and cotton are grown. The kibbutz also produces olive oil. The members of Beit Nir cultivate large numbers of cattle. The kibbutz has a factory for refining jewelry to be sold in Europe and the United States.