Mexican Retablos or Ex-Votos

In Mexico, Ex-votos or Retablos, are paintings on a small piece of metal, given in fulfillment of a vow or in a gratitude or devotion to a specific Saint or Divinity. They are placed in a church or chapel where the worshipper seeks grace or wishes to give thanks. They are also a testimony to later visitors of the received help. The display of Ex-votos is an affirmation of the power of faith and the miraculous power of the specific Saint. As each Ex-voto is hand painted on metal, tin or copper, each one is one of a kind and a unique work of religious art.

Today, while vintage and antique Retablos or Ex-votos are available from Mexico, the vast majority are contemporary. Many of the “antique” ones for sale are actually contemporary fakes or forgeries, made to look older.

Zanzibar carries an ever-changing selection of finely painted contemporary Mexican Tin or Metal Retablos and Ex-voto paintings.  Many are of the Virgin de Guadalupe and other Saints or religious figures.  We have access to some fine example of true vintage or antique Mexican Retablos and or Ex-votos that we can offer to our clients upon request.  If you are interested in our selection, either visit our gallery or contact us via email. 


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