Recycled Silk Yarns

Recycled Silk Yarn from Kathmandu Nepal in the Himalaya
Bright and cheerful, our fairly traded hand spun recycled silk yarn is made by a women's co
llective group in Nepal (see photos). This group, the Nepali Women Empowerment Group assists women through finding items to produce. We carry six different qualities and styles of our recycled silk yarns with significant quantity discounts.

A significant portion of the retail price goes to the women spinners and or goes to support assistance programs incl
uding educational grants to the weaver's children. Called "rangy changy" by our ladies, which translates as colorful, this recycled silk yarn is homespun, allowing the ladies to go about their daily chores and watch the children. Made by women in remote areas of Nepal. This Himalaya Yarn from Kathmandu, Nepal is perfect for knitters and crotcheters looking for something fun and different.

Recycled Silk yarn from remnants and scraps of contemporarily-produced Indian saris, this colorful yarn is 100% silk and silk remnants and makes vibrantly hued scarves, hats, mittens and other items! While it is called "recycled" the yarn is actually made of unused silk fibers left over after making saris - the raw material is NOT used or recycled saris! Often called Himalaya or Himalayan Yarn, Nepalese Yarn, Kathmandu Yarn, Rungy Chungy Yarn, or Tibetan Yarn, this recycled silk yarn is soft and fun to work with! Learn how recycled silk yarn is made.

Our Himalayan recycled silk yarn colors are spun together in a complex manner, no two skeins are exactly alike. At this time, 100% silk solid color yarn is difficult to obtain. Those selling solid color "recycled silk yarn" are most likely selling yarns that actually have no silk in them! Its light to bulky weight knits up great on size 7 or larger needles. Not over spun like some natural yarns, many people say this is the best recycled yarns they've tried. If you would like us to match two or more skeins, just let us know and we will attempt to do so; be aware that each skein is completely different work of textile artistry. Because recycled silk yarn is handspun, each skein varies in its color, gauge, twist and texture. The best grades are lighter in weight and have smaller gauge.

NOT ALL RECYCLED YARNS ARE ALIKE: We carry several grades of recycled yarn: Most are 100% silk, unless otherwise noted. However, many other sellers online actually sell lower-grade yarns that have 30% or less silk (and some that contain no silk whatsoever!) and are made up of mostly rayon, nylon or cotton fibers. We no longer offer balls - only skeins, as we've found that the consistency of skeins is better (sometimes balls would have high quality yarn on the outside and lower quality on the inside!!) We GUARANTEE the quality and content of our yarns.  please note: yarns are sold by weight, some skeins are 100g and some are 200g

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