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The art of Tomas Hernandez

Baez (often signs Castillo)

Freida Altar by Mexican artist Tomas Castillo of Izucar, Puebla 


These amazingly detailed plaster folkart pieces including Frida Kahlos, Mexican peasants and wealthy alike as well as fanciful animals such as dogs, cats and turtles are by Tomas Hernandez Baez/Castillo, brother-in-law to the famous Alfonso Castillo of Izucar de Matamoros in Puebla, Mexico.  In his thirties, Tomas is a superb master who paints his intricate designs using a paintbrush made from the tail hairs of his pet cat!  His last name is Baez, however he often ads Castillo (his sister's married name) as a way of comparing himself to Alfonso (we also carry Alfonso's pieces).  He deserved credit for his collections, even if they are similar in many ways to Alfonso, he def. has his own style and his brush work is MUCH finer.