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Hand painted Silk Scarves from Turkey with Hand rolled edges


Zanzibar offers a wide, ever changing selection of beautiful jewel-toned silk scarves that are one-of-a-kind hand painted with hand rolled edges by a small family run business in Turkey.  We also carry hand salt dyed silk scarves.

To remove wrinkles, iron on low between two towels or steam. Please dry clean only.



  Artisans hand draw unique designs for each scarf.  This design is then copied onto a template which is used to create a screen.  To learn more about silk, click on all about silk.

Major design outlines are hand silk-screened onto the white silk using a gold ink.  Ink is poured onto the screen and excess is carefully squeegeed off. 

This gold ink acts as a resist.  As you can see here, this process is completely hand done.  You may click on the photo to view it larger. 

  Here the screen is carefully removed, showing an imprinted scarf with the gold outlines - ready to be hand painted! 

The gold dye forms a resist so that the individual cells or outlines can be hand painted/dyed much like cloisonné.

  Here you can see family members and an employee painting the background color of the scarf. 

Wherever the gold paint was silk-screened on it will create a resist and the dye will not adhere to that area. 

Also, the areas that this resist enclose allow the artist to mix and match colored inks and keep it from running (essentially it keeps the colors inside the lines.. like coloring a coloring book or cloisonné metal work!)

  Once the primary background colors have been added, details and the fine painting of the "cells" are hand painted using non-toxic soy basked inks. 

Each scarf is hand painted to reflect a variety of color pallets, cultures and designs.  We offer simple scarves to incredibly detailed ones featuring animals, designs and patterns. 

  The finished scarves are left laid out to dry.  The edges are then hand rolled and stitched and the scarf is ready!  While the family members do most of the printing and hand painting in their small studio behind their shop in a small village in Turkey, the hand rolling is done at home by several "grandmothers" that help earn a respectable income for their extended families. 

Fairly traded, we buy directly from the family run business. 

Turkey has always been known for their scarves and while there are many cheap, machine printed, rayon reproductions, each of ours is hand crafted.




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