Zulugrass Jewelry at Zanzibar Tribal Art Gallery

Introducing the most versatile jewelry you'll ever own

Zulugrass Jewelry

from the Leaky Collection at Zanzibar Tribal Art Gallery

what is Zulugrass?

Zulu grass jewelry are strands of sustainably harvested hand dyed grass beads

mixed with the finest hand blown Czech glass & silver beads to form a

versatile and completely custom jewelry ensemble - everything

from simple chokers, anklets, bracelets and cuffs

to jaw dropping necklaces and accessories.

Zulugrass is a means for the rural, nomadic Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania

to make a living and provide for their children's education. 

    Learn the story of Zulugrass and how the Leaky Foundation is helping  


   Zulugrass is available in a huge range of colors  

thus you can mix and match strands to perfectly accessorize any outfit. 

Zanzibar currently carries OVER 30 stock colors

of Zulugrass and will soon be adding more colors.


Over 150 colors are orderable (min. 5 strands per custom color)  to view available colors & products, visit

the leaky collection's website at www.zulugrass.com

Zulugrass is sold by the 27" strand - each strand sells for $8.00, and when you purchase 10, you receive 1 free!

In the coming weeks you'll be able to order online, however for now, please visit our gallery for the best selection.